Starting a university foundation course is an exciting time for international students, it is a chance for them to get a better grip of the English language, familiarise themselves with the country and settle into their chosen university.


Whilst young people enjoy gaining independence and making new friends, it is also true that being away from home in a different environment can sometimes be confusing, scary and lonely. It is perhaps natural in the early stages to expect them to feel a bit  homesick or get carried away with high spirits of newly found freedom.  Many students joining higher education in the UK observe a strong emphasis on independent study which may catch them unawares. With less rigid  academic structure than perhaps they were familiar with at home the attendance often tends to slip, leading to negative consequences.


As young adults develop their self-discipline and organizational skills, it could be a very good idea to have someone on hand to offer guidance and support in order for your children to make a robust start and succeed in their degree.


Our experienced guardians will help your son or daughter with the transition from a new kid on the block status to a settled motivated scholar.  From helping  with practical issues like getting an Oyster card for easy travel around London, arranging a mobile phone contract and getting the Induction Day dates right, to being around in times of crisis like illness or depression, or just lending a friendly ear when your child feels low, our guardians will be indispensable in making your child’s foundation year happier and more productive. As parents, you would be able to stay in the loop of your child’s academic progress and follow their development with pride and joy.

Student Concierge

We are aware that the role of the guardian will evolve with the students becoming more mature, independent and familiar with their surroundings. This is why in addition to educational guardianship,  we also offer a Student Concierge option. The extra services we provide can be finding a host family for the student, arranging their trips, travel during the holiday periods, airport and seaport transfers, booking airline tickets, restaurants and tickets to shows, assisting with travel visa applications, opening bank accounts, helping to set up Wi-Fi or doing minor repairs for a small additional fee, and much more.

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