We offer a Guardianship service for summer visitors.


Many families give their children the ultimate gift of educational travel and choose summer language courses or schools in the UK. Often, this becomes children’s first step towards getting a British education. This is why it is so important for this initial visit to go well and be full of happy memories. First impressions count, after all, and sending your child away to the UK boarding school at a later stage will be much less daunting if they already had a positive earlier experience of visiting the country.


Although summer school do not tend to require an educational guardian, it is a prudent option for parents who do not live in the UK to appoint a responsible adult who will ensure their child is safe and happy during their stay.


Summer schools are short-term by their nature and filled with a lot of activities. It is therefore especially helpful for parents to have a peace of mind to know that any unforeseen issues, such as re-booking a flight, dealing with lost luggage or an unexpected illness, will be resolved as quickly as possible, allowing your children to make the most of their short stay in the UK and not to miss out on having fun.


Use our short-term summer guardianship to make your child’s experience as easy going as possible and help yourself to have an enjoyable summer, too.

This is what Summer Guardianship means:

  • Our students can contact us at any time of day or night with the issues they may have


  • We will take care of your child’s needs during his/her courses


  • Provide transfer from/to the airport and find accommodation, if necessary

How does it work?

  • You find and agree on a school for your child.


  • As it stands, schools require for your child to have an education guardian situated in the UK.


  • We sign a special Summer Guardianship form, meaning that we take responsibility for your child’s well-being during his/her course.


  •  Furthermore, we can agree upon available optional packages such as finding a host family if there are any breaks in the course, additional school visits from our guardian team and a number of other options.

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