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This service is designed to meet the needs of parents who live outside of the UK and whose children below the age of 16 are coming to the UK on their own to receive education. Our team will not only monitor and help your children to get accustomed to the UK and their school, but send their educational reports to you.


A guardian is an adult responsible for the child in place of a parent, making important decisions about practical and educational issues and ensuring the child has a place to stay when the school is closed for holidays, exeats, in emergencies or in case of exclusion. Our company provides such guardianship services along with visits to the schools, arranging your child’s travel in the UK and airport transfers during the holidays, 24/7 service available both to your and your child.


In traditional sense, a guardian has a formal role and is a vital point of contact between the school and the parents. He or she keeps the school informed of child’s needs and wishes of the parents and reports to parents about the child’s well-being and any issues that require attention, giving the school instructions on how to proceed on parents’ behalf. A guardian is not a person responsible for bringing up a child or for running daily errands for them. The school encourages children to become independent and take responsibility for their personal belongings and there is an internal support network such as a housemaster, a matron, a school nurse, councilors and other professionals to support your child at school. However, the schools are not allowed to appoint someone connected to the school to be responsible for the child at other times, for example during school holidays or exeats, or to make some important decisions which, in other circumstances, would be made by parents. This is the role of the guardian.


In reality, a guardian will get to know the child, their teachers and friends very well and will help parents to feel a part of the vibrant school life, too.

Your Dedicated Guardian Will



  • be available to support you all year round on a 24/7 basis.


  • visit and check your selected boarding school and/or host family and report back to you.


  • provide assistance in case of emergency situations such as flight cancellation, removal from school, illness etc.


  • communicate with your child’s tutor, matron and other school representatives on your behalf in order to request a leave of absence, organise activities during holidays, give permissions for school trips and activities as required and deal with any other situations which require attention.


  • arrange safe and convenient airport transfers and other trips in Great Britain for your child.


  • find and check a suitable host family to stay with during a holiday or in an emergency.


  • be available to support your children throughout the year if they need to have a chat by phone or email.


  • attend parent teacher evenings and report to you what was discussed.


  • visit your children on a regular basis and send you reports about their well-being and living conditions (with photos if you like!)


  • provide 24/7 communication between parents and children in an emergency situation.


Life at a boarding school gets very busy, with all the school work, extracurricular activities and sports matches mounting up. The idea is to give your child an opportunity to join in, try a wide range of things, help them make the most of their time at school and have fun.   Your child will soon be going on various school trips and holidays, they will make local friends and be invited to visit them at home or abroad – and you as parents will have to make a lot of decisions and sign countless consent forms.


Our team offers an additional Curatorship service to help parents to keep track of all the additional paperwork and arrangements which will arise on a weekly, if not daily, basis. A curator is someone who will not only fulfill a guardian’s role, as described above, but give you valuable extra support.

Our curators can help with things like:



  • signing permission slips and consent forms for school trips and activities – there is always something going on!
  • organizing a birthday cake, balloons and presents for your child – a thoughtful gesture to remind them how much you love them
  • making sure your child can join in during school charity fundraising events by giving a small donation or buying cupcakes from their stall
  • coordinating consent forms and medical records should you decide to allow your child to receive a vaccination offered to young people under UK’s free national health programs, such as HPV vaccination, or sending a rejection slip if you choose for your child not to be vaccinated
  • organizing school uniform and sports kit fittings or ordering a specialist or custom-made sports equipment
  • making arrangements with and paying external providers such as peripatetic music or ballet teachers
  • ordering books from a summer reading list or past test papers for revision
  • coordinating visits to new friends’ families between yourself, other child’s parents and the school
  • filling in forms to assist with school’s visa application and paying deposits for school overseas trips
  • translating a list of special equipment needed for sports or a list of things to pack for a summer camp or expedition
  • helping to make choices about  which after school clubs to join
  • giving feedback to school via parents’ questionnaires
  • translating Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) reports or news stories about the school for parents
  • ordering school photos, accepting delivery and forwarding them on
  • accompanying parents and pupils to talks about choosing the next school, a foundation course  or university degree
  • accompanying families to Open Days at such potential schools and universities and much more.

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